Following on from removing the front suspension last week, it was now time to remove the rear.

Once again unbolting the wishbones was a totally straightforward, if somewhat time consuming, job.  Time and penetrating oil was saved on the toe-link ball joints by cutting them off at the thread, as I knew that these would be replaced as a matter of course.

Like the wishbones, tie rods and toe links, the driveshafts were also to be stripped back and refinished in rust-preventative paint.  This would require detaching them from the gearbox.  And this would provide the first scary moment of the project.

Unbolting stuff Id done before.  Even cutting off rusted bolts seemed innocuous enough (provided I was sure I was going to replace the butchered part).  Sticking a large flat head screwdriver in between the end of a driveshaft and gearbox casing and levering the item free seemed somewhat crude and potentially expensive.  This wasnt aided by the Lotus service manual seeming to mention every other paragraph how careful one needed to be so as to not damage the CV joints at either end.

My first attempt did not go at all well, in so much as the driveshaft remained firmly attached to the gearbox so I went away to consult the service manual again.  Upon returning to the car I discovered that in my absence my dad and best mate had successfully done the job.  No surprises for guessing who got charged with removing the other side!

Knowing that next weekend I need to completely disassemble the suspension, before departing for the day I gave all the bolts, plates and joints that Id need to remove or loosen a thorough application of WD-40.