The long Easter weekend would gave me plenty of time to carry out my next task complete disassembly of the front and rear suspension structures.  This would essentially entail:

  • Unbolting the plates and fixings which attach the upper and lower ball joints to the hub carrier
  • Removing the ball joints from the upper and lower wishbones
  • Removing the bushes from the upper and lower wishbones

Once again the cutting discs would come into play to make progress faster. Below I am simply cutting through the thread of the old, to be discarded ball joint to negate having to clamp the thread and undo the nut to remove the mounting plate (which I would be retaining for reuse).  Once the thread and nut were removed it was simply a case of detaching the plate from the thread using a splitter fork and a small lump hammer.

Removal of ball joints from the wishbones was achieved using Eliseparts ( own ball joint removal (and insertion) tool which is wonderfully simple but effective.

Extraction of the bushes wasnt aided by the fact that Id totally forgotten that B+Q was closed on Easter Sunday, so Id be unable to purchase the roofing bolts, washers, and large socket which Id require to do the job properly!

Luckily my Uncle, an ex-metal engineer and handy chap, has a garage full of odds and sods and fortunately I managed to cobble together a motley collection of consumables to allow me to get a few pulled before the end of the day.

Essentially the process is to use a long bolt as a puller through the bush with a medium-sized washer against the bolt-head.  A 30 to 32mm socket is then placed against the side of the wish bone mount to receive the bush.  Finally a nut is threaded onto the bolt against greased washers on the outside of it to tighten the system up.

This photograph should explain the principle:

Sadly, now that the wishbones are removed it means I have no excuse but start unenviable task of brushing them back to bare metal.

Lastly and for no other reason than I like the photo Heres one good reason I was glad to be working indoors this weekend!