A late night on Friday due to moving meant I wasn’t out of bed anywhere near early enough on Saturday morning.  However I managed to finish up removing all the bushes from the Wishbones.

A late night on Sat due to the arrival of my Playstation 3 and the long-awaited Gran Turismo 5 Prologue meant I wasn’t out of bed anywhere near early enough on Sunday morning either!  So it was with bleary and red eyes I began the final stage of taking the suspension apart – before starting the much more satisfying sequence of putting it back together.

The first job of the day was to thoroughly de-grease the wishbones using brake cleaner sprayed on through a garden atomiser.  After leaving the parts for around 30 minutes for the fluid to take effect, one-by-one the wishbones were firmly clamped in the Workmate and combination of cup, disk and fine wire brushes were used to take as much loose and bubbling rust off as possible.

Special attention was paid to the bush and ball joint seats to ensure no rust would impede the insertion of the replacement items.

As each individual wishbone was brushed down it was thoroughly sprayed over with POR-15 Metal Ready – a strong, acid-based anti-rust preparation.

Once the final wishbone was finished I went back to the first wishbone – and using the cup brush, removed another later of fine oxidisation that the POR-15 had loosened.

Then the wishbones were given a 2nd and final standing coat of Metal Ready.  They would now be left for a week and the next working session will see them given a 3rd brushing before being painted in another excellent POR-15 product – their black rust-preventative paint.