This weekend would hopefully see the new engine installed and running on a base map.

I was being assisted by friends Stephen and Ian - and mechanic and electrics technician Cha.

The first job was to change the belts and fit the new Eliseparts lightened flywheel and AP clutch.

The excellent Eliseparts flywheel installed with a new set of locking bolts:

...and the AP clutch installed using a simple but effective conical aligning tool:

Locking the cams to facilitate the removal of the main pulley and belt and tensioner changes:

Possibly the most complex job on the project so far was converting the original wiring loom (for a distributor-based system) to support a coil-pack based distributorless system as used on my new engine.

This was many hours work even for auto-electrics expert Cha - and was supported by a laptop installed with the professional AutoData system to provide the wiring schematics (along with the wiring instructions for the Emerald ECU).

Cha's soldering iron and shrink-tube efforts continued well into the night (assisted by an old desk lamp we found in the back of the garage and a particularly warm and dry night).

After a well-earned nights sleep - the next morning saw the new engine installed and filled with the necessary fluids.

After a spot of lunch, which gave time for the new fluids to settle, we cranked the engine on the starter - and with no liquids leaking or hoses popping off, it seemed time to connect the Emerald into the system for the first real start.

This is where the days efforts came to an abrupt end...

When the Emerald ECU had been packaged at the factory - a CD-ROM containing the Management console software and engine maps had been left out.  Sadly for us, the software was so new that Emerald hadn't made it available for download from their website - meaning that we had to cut the work short.  As Emerald are closed at weekends we simply had no way of working on - and all for the sake of a CD costing pence.

Worst of all, this means that Cha wil have to travel down from Glasgow again in the next few weeks to finish the installation.

I'd like to extend thanks to Cha and Stephen for the sterling efforts all weekend and doing it for little more than the petrol costs and unending cups of tea.  And also to Ian, Phil and Brian Drought for their advice and wisdom throughout the weekend.

Thanks a bunch chaps!