The next weekend, Ian returned with his lead and laptop loaded with the correct Emerald console software to get the Engine running on a base map.

The software revealed all the sensors were responding as expected - which confirmed that Cha's loom customisation had been successful.

However the engine didn't start the first time of asking.  The sound of the fuel pump priming was conspicuous by it's abscence.  Sadly Ian didn't have a lot of time available for diagnosis - so he simply took a direct live feed from the starter motor to force the fuel pump to work.

Before starting the engine I installed the new Hurricane induction system to hopefully cut down on some of the noise associated with starting the engine with no exhaust system attached!

At this point the engine sprung successfully (and still noisily) into life.

Knowing Cha would be down from Scotland again the next weekend, I was happy and relieved to finally confirm that largely all was well with the engine and wiring.

With an MOT a matter of weeks away I turned my hand to more mundane jobs refurbing components.

The indicator light housings had seem better days - The threads which attach them to the clams having corroded solid ages ago.  I simply cut the old threads off, then using a small pointed grinding bit I bored out the base of the old rusted thread and cleaned and enlarged hole slighty.  Once this was done I was able to Araldite in new stainless M4 threaded bolts replacing the old ones.

And given that it was a nice weekend (and after a small amount of moaning on my behalf about impending deadlines) - the Wife was appointed head of sanding and set to work preparing the bodywork for it's forthcoming respray.