This was truly the lowest weekend in the project so far - and sadly Cha had flow down from Scotland to share in it!

9 hours of Saturday was spent diagnosing a fuel pump wiring problem which can be summed up with the sentence:  "Just because it looks like an earth strap - doesn't mean it is an earth strap".

Sunday was spent doing jobs in 20 minute bursts between torrential rain and wind - which between the two of them, destroyed my gazebo and soaked all my tools.

I can't say I was really in the mood for taking many photos - So you'll have to take my written word that the following were completed:

  • Fuel pump problem diagnosed and rectified
  • Load of base map onto Emerald resulting in the engine starting as and when asked
  • New brake hard lines installed

Luckily there were some essential jobs which I was able to carry out during the monsoon conditions - such as the filthy, filthy business of rear brake caliper refurbing:

And, in a rare moment of clear sky - Cha began fitting the brackets for the new toe-links to the rear hub carriers: