After the somewhat traumatic events of the previous weekend - the weather forecast looked better and at least I now knew I had the basis of a car with a working engine.

The first job was to bleed the brakes and clutch system. This would prove if there were any faults in the joins of the lines made up by Cha the previous weekend. I'm pleased to say there weren't - and after half an hour of pedal-pumping sore leggedness, the system was as stiff and solid-feeling as any other Elise I've ever driven.

Below is the final setup of fully refurb'd AP Racing front calipers, Eliseparts Ally-belled discs, Pagid RS-14 race pads and Mocal Aeroquip braided lines.

With an MOT booked for week commencing 21st July, I needed to consider getting the cockpit ready for receiving the new seats and harnesses to achieve legality. So I refitted the centre sections which cover the centre brake line, linkage and electrical runs.

I also fitted the rear cargo net (which is surprisingly useful on a race car for holding the myriad paperwork which one seems to accumulate throughout a race weekend).

Then, whilst I busied myself with relatively menial tasks such as:

  • Fitting a new Inertia Switch
  • Refitting the aero shroud around the radiator
  • Beginning to fit the new lightweight reinforced rear toe-links
  • Refitting the rear dampers with new Eliseparts mounts
  • Removing the lights and grilles from the rear clam
  • Fitted the Eliseparts quick-release removable steering-wheel boss

...The wife began the somewhat labourious task of preparing the masking on the car so the respray can be carried out. I'm glad she has the patience for this type of task - because I surely don't!

The respray was to be carried out using cellulose based paint which could be sprayed through a self-contained (i.e. not requiring a large garage compressor) Earlex Spray Station system.

The end results for a spraying system costing approximately 60 were quite impressive compared to resprays I've seen carried out with much more expensive equipment.