This was the final weekend before the car was booked in for its all-important MOT - and there was much to do!

First up on Saturday was to finish fitting the lightened, stronger rear toe-link kit.

The workload ahead of me dictated that I didn't have a lot of time for taking photographs - so once again you'll have to take my word that the following jobs got completed:

  • Fit new Eliseparts wiper-arm with integrated sprayer
  • Fit new Eliseparts battery bracket and Varley Red Top 25 race battery
  • Tidy up the engine area (tape and clip looms)
  • Refit the fuel tank and structural shear plate
  • Connect the handbrake cable to the rear calipers
  • Route and secure the throttle linkage
  • Connect and test the gear linkages
  • Reconnect the fuel filler hoses to filler branch with new gaskets and stainless fittings
  • Reassemble dash and instrument binnacle
  • Fit passenger side wing-mirror (from a scrapped Metro in an awful shade of green)

One job which did get photographed was the modifications to the dash.  Using a Dremel cutting disc I extended the slot for the stereo along to where the heater controls used to be.  I then pop riveted and sealed in a section of grey acrylic - this can be cut out later for various switches and gauges. 

Full credit must go to my friend Tim for taking ownership of the task of fitting the new Corbeau LE-X Kevlar seats and 6-point Luke FIA Harnesses.  It must be said he did a great job with the fitting.

So did it all get done?

Yes.  Although there were times (especially when the rain was lashing down) over the weekend when I didn't think we'd make it!

The front and rear clams and wheels were loosely fitted on at about 10:30pm on Sunday night - and the car finished the weekend awaiting the arrival of a lorry to take it to Stratton Motor Company at about Lunchtime on Monday.