This update comes courtesy of Tim and Johnny from Stratton Motor Company who have been taking care of the Elise whilst I've been hard at work.

Monday morning and a glorious Norfolk morning for collecting a Lotus.  I wonder how much Duck tape I have left?

The first time anyone has seen that particular piece of driveway for 150 days.  The petrol and axle stands have only created small craters - and the primer overspray will brush right off (I'm sure).

Back at Stratton Motor Company.  The alignment was made a bit tricky at first when it was discovered one of my front Rimstock wheels was warped.  Johnny got around the problem by using a spare Rimstock which the garage had in stock.

I however had to immediately set about sourcing a replacement for as early as possible next week.  I found a reasonably priced replacement with fast delivery from South West Lotus Centre.

At about 7pm on Friday 25th my mobile rang - it was Tim bearing the wonderful news that the car was now ready for it's MOT!