After the picking the car up from Stratton Motor Company on Saturday morning - I drove it back over to my parents to finish the bodywork.  Luckily the weather was warm (bordering on too hot) and dry.

Whilst the car was in shade we took off the clams to mask and spray the areas of body work bonded to the chassis.  It would be extremely difficult to spray these areas in the shade inside the garage (as we would do with the other removeable bodywork) - so time was of the essence whilst the sun was behind the house.

Next we cleared out the garage and hung up polythene sheets to protect the wall from the paint being sprayed.  After fixing a pair of shallow hooks to the rafters, we were able to hang the clams and other bodywork components whilst they were being sprayed.  This would allow near 360 degree access with the spray gun.


Once the clams were sprayed with either primer or the top coat, they were left outside on more polythene sheets in a shady area to allow the paint to dry fully.


The next two shots show the door, sills and front clam finished in the final colour - Lotus Cirrus White.