The home straight to Brands Hatch…

The fixed engine went in successfully and another quick trip back to Dave at Emerald was booked in for a mapping.

This produced a healthy 141bhp - not at all bad really considering that it was basically a 'standard 118bhp' K-series with a Hurricane induction, quick head polish, Decat stainless exhaust and a lightened flywheel.

I could now begin the final fitting and adjustments which would finally render the car capable of passing MSA scrutineering and getting onto the grid.

Firstly the standard battery was replaced with an Odyssey '25' size race unit. This was pop-rivetted into a cage attached to a plate which would bolt securely to the same front bulkhead fixings as the old battery clamp.


Secondly I came to the decision that the Corbeau seats I'd purchased just weren't comfortable enough across my hips. So these were replaced with Tillett B5's - drivers side in carbon and passenger side in GRP.

A quick trip to Sinclaires was arranged for the finalisation of all the electrical additions: 

  • Cartek electronic master cut-out
  • Heated windscreen
  • AMB timing transponder
  • Stack oil pressure, oil temperature and voltage gauges

  • Lifeline 360 stored pressure fire extinguisher system

View from the office window - note Sparco quick release steering wheel / blue extinguisher nozzle to the right hand side of the steering column / Lifeline control unit in the centre of the dash / Voltage gauge to far left of dash:

Small and manoeuvrable - it looks like a toy from here:

Once the car was essentially complete I booked a weekend in France at a Lotus-on-Track day at Abbeville for a thorough shakedown.

The outgoing ferry crossing saw some interesting travelling companions in the form of a crew from Prodrive who were delivering a World Rally Championship Impreza safety car.

And very soon, November was here - and it was time to go racing!

Brands Hatch - MSVR Autumn Festival 8th / 9th November 2008 

November brought with it some awful weather. And it was with some trepidation I formed up for my first ever qualifying laps. When the timing and grid sheets were distributed on my return to the paddock I discovered I'd qualified 12th in Production class - which I was quite stunned about. Looking back I think I was in fact aided by the soft Bilstein road suspension I'd chosen to run on just for the last two race weekends of the season.

Sadly I did not finish in Race 1 having locked-up braking executing a cheeky round-the-outside overtake through Druids. Novices exuberance!

In Race number two I finished 23rd from 31 starters having had a rather large spin on the exit of Graham Hill bend. All good fun though!

Photo credit to Jon Bryant @


Brands Hatch - MSVR / Britcar Into The Night Race 15th November 2008

Being dryer than last weekend this time - it really started to show up the shortcomings in the suspension. In fact it drew comments from many people from the SELOC community sitting in the stand along side Paddock Hill bend where the through-corner body roll was so apparent it was obviously causing issues!

In fact the handling at high speed in the dry had become so 'interesting' that I eventually ended up in the gravel before the qualifying session was over.

Photo credit to Jon Bryant @

My finishes for the weekend were:

  • All Classes Race 1 - 15th from 21 starters
  • All Classes Race 2 - 13th from 19 starters