After finishing yesterdays session I purchased an Einhell multi-function tool (read as: Dremel copy) and around 60 Dremel 409 metal cutting discs.  Returning to work on the car on Sunday I sincerely hoped that this investment would be the panacea to get the bolts and fixings moving.

Today’s was to be a short session of work (about 3 hours) as I’d been driving at a practice sprint for the Borough 19 Speed Championship Series at North Weald in the morning in my S2 Exige.

Today I hoped really to remove the front clamshell and hopefully get the wheel-arch liners off.

I set to work firstly on the bolt and spacer nut securing the front clamshell near the windscreen.  Both the bolt-head and nut came away with little drama, allowing me to lift the body work over the left-behind thread (the remaining thread could be removed later).  I then used the cutter to create a slot in the top of the problematic dome-head allen bolt to remove it by unscrewing with a large flathead screwdriver.

Moving under the car I was very quickly able to remove the 5 small bolts which secured the ‘chin’.  This left the bolts around the sills at the bottom-rear of the wheel-arch and just inside the door.  Again the hex-key holes were worn to the point that a key wouldn’t get any purchase – so I used the cutter to split the washer in two and tapped them away from underneath the bolt head, which allowed me to grip the bolt using mole grips to remove them.

The satisfaction as the front clamshell was lifted off was superb.

As I was removing the clamshell fixings it became apparent that the doors were only held on with 4 allen-bolts each – which refreshingly were in as-new condition.  I hadn’t planned to remove the doors, but not being one turn down some quick progress I whipped them off swiftly knowing the improved access to the cockpit floor-pan would hopefully make removing the seats and rails next weekend that much easier.

Moving on to the wheel arch liners, it was quick to see that progress would be quickest simply cutting away all the rusted fixings.  This proved somewhat more difficult as some of the fastenings used in the rear-arches were not aluminium and took a much greater amount of time to cut through.

Once again the light was fading – and sadly I was unable to get both rear liners removed.  However I retired the car to it’s home happy that I’d now resolved all the stuck fixing problems (except that pesky calliper bolt) and I was in a good position next weekend to have both clamshells off, along with the seats and rails out.