The first job today was to finish removing the rear wheel arch liners, which came out without hitch. With the liners gone, it would allow me the access required to remove the rear clamshell.

Before moving onto the Clam, I decided to see if the penetrating oil I had left on the seat rail bolts had done the trick. Accessing the allen bolt heads with a conventional hex-key is rather tricky its very hard to get the required space to exert enough force to start the bolt undoing.

However by using a correct sized hex key in a 3/8th socket adapter and both my long and short extenders, it created enough flex in the shaft to curve round the edge of the seat base. 8 bolts later and the seats were free. To celebrate, my assistant for the day (my best mate, Iain) and had a refreshing cup of tea on the seats on my parents lawn.

Back to the grind and a little more spanner work later both the conventional reel seat-belts were detached from their mounting brackets.

Consulting the diagram in the manual for the rear clam removal it showed that 2 bolts securing the bodywork were tucked away behind the integrated roll-hoop. Upon closer inspection it appeared these were behind the plastic box-section with the stereo speakers mounted in them. A little tugging and the mouldings came free from their Velcro fixings and I was able to disconnect the speakers.

At this juncture, the point of this car really begun to sink in. Eventually thered be no heater, no stereo, no carpets in fact very little by comforts at all. I reminded myself that somewhere along the line Id be buying a trailer!

Once again the service manual revealed that the underside of the rear clam featured hardpoints for mounting the exhaust on. This would require full removal of the rear undertray. Aside from being a little grubby these came away surprisingly easily with a ratchet spanner.

The exhaust system was now revealed. Id heard that the mounting brackets were hard to get at but this was to be done by feel alone. Some teamwork was required with myself under the car holding a regular spanner, whilst Iain undid the bolts using the socket wrench.

The rest of the bolts came away relatively simply. After detaching the ECU from the engine side of the clam and taking off the petrol filler cap, it was suddenly possible to fully undress my Elise.