Today was to be another short session after returning from a practice sprint in the morning. Id have between 1 and 5pm to work and that left me with a decision. The relatively simple and well-documented task of removing the heater matrix or the trickier, cursorily described removal of the front suspension.

This was a typical head versus heart situation. And seeing as anything involving sports car restoration, modification or racing is rarely decided on rational thought, I went for the suspension-off option!

On reflection Im very glad I did! It seems that the suspension and damper bolts were done up with a lot more care and attention to not over-tighten them than the body work fixings.

Whilst some of the nuts and bolts were in hard to access places, they all came off with a minimum of fuss. The most problematic were the set down in the footwells and secondly those housed deep inside the front crash box. To anyone considering removing these yourselves, ensure you have a long and sturdy extension spine for your ratchet. 

The old rubber brake lines were somewhat stuck. But seeing as they would be replaced eventually by braided Mocal Aeroquip items, I simply hacked through the old lines and bled the fluid out.

All-in-all a short day, but a satisfying one.